It’s time to declutter your wardrobe!

Let’s be honest with the weather changing and still being stuck indoors it’s the perfect time to declutter your wardrobe and create your perfect capsulate wardrobe!

We have pulled together our top tips to help you declutter and transform your wardrobe so it’s Méid for you. ????✨

Step #1: TAKE IT ALL OUT. Take everything out of your wardrobe and throw it in a pile on your bed or floor. Yes, everything! Look at all the space you have in your wardrobe and in the words of Marie Kondo “Let’s spark some joy”!

Step #2: FIND THE REST. We all leave clothing around our homes (like jackets, shoes, and jumpers…well we do, exposing ourselves here!????), let’s dig all this out and add it to your clothing pile, this can include;

  • Out-of-season clothing
  • Coats/ jackets
  • Clothing in drawers or presses
  • Underwear, socks, bras
  • Scarves/ hats
  • Pj’s, activewear, loungewear
  • Shoes

Step #3: GO THROUGH THE PILE. How much of that do you actually wear?! Hold up each piece. Do you currently wear and love it or will you wear it at least 20 more times? While doing this, any piece of clothing where you think ‘yes, I love it!’ goes back in the wardrobe. Anything that you hesitated about or are unsure of goes into a maybe pile. You can put your obvious no’s into a donation bag.

TOP TIP: Don’t hold onto something because you once loved it or it used to fit your lifestyle. Work in the here and now – what do you love NOW? What works for you NOW?

Be strict with your socks, underwear, and bras, they have a shelf life (socks, underwear and bras generally have a lifespan of six months to a year, but with bras they can last 180 wears). Use this as an excuse to treat yourself to ones that make you look and feel amazing!

Step #4: TRY EVERYTHING ON IN YOUR ‘MAYBE’ PILE. Instead of asking ‘how does this look on me?’ more importantly ask yourself ‘how does this make me feel?’

Step #5: FINALISE YOUR CLOTHING. Your favourites should be back in your wardrobe and your ‘no’s’ ready to go out the door. If anything jumps out to you that doesn’t go with your new decluttered wardrobe add it into the no pile. Try and look at your maybe pile and see does it with any of your new wardrobe ask yourself “could I team this piece with other pieces from my wardrobe?” if it’s a yes keep it, but if if not it goes in the no pile.

Step #6: HANDBAGS. Now do this with your handbags, bag packs, and clutches. Remember, what do you really use? Which ones do you love? Keep those.

TOP TIP: Get rid of handbags you no longer use. Make a little money by selling them online and put that towards one you really love.

Step #7: SHOES. Now it’s time to tackle your shoes. Be brutal. As you hold up each pair, ask yourself:

  • Do you still wear them?
  • Do they work with your new wardrobe?
  • Are they in great condition? If not they go in the no pile.

TOP TIP: Once you have organised your new wardrobe, try out outfits or put outfits together on your bed and take photos. You can save these photos in an album on your phone so getting ready will be so much quicker and your outfits will always be chic! Plus any piece you can’t fit into an outfit can go into the no pile.

Step #8: DISCARD. Anything that ended up in your no pile you can donate or resell.

Step #9: ENJOY. Take a step back and enjoy your new wardrobe!

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