Responsibly produced

At Méid Denim we want to help in any way we can to stop any negative impact we have on this earth though manufacturing of denim. We are reusing as much water during manufacture of our Irish jeans as much as we can! We are always working with our manufacturer to cut down on water and reuse any unused denim where possible. Our package mailers are compostable and can be put straight into your compost bin and they are gone within 6 months!  We have also designed a reusable 100% cotton bag that all our jeans are packaged in, and love to see our customers use their imagination on how they reuse them!

We have teamed up with Tree Nation to plant trees in areas around the world that are most affected by deforestation and major bushfires. You can help plant trees with us through our website. As we all know global warming is a major problem now and by simply planting trees, we can offset all this extra CO2 in our atmosphere.

Why we need to make a change

Did you know that deforestation is responsible for 17% of these CO2 emissions?

Trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and store it. A single tree can offset up to 250 Kg of CO2 during its lifespan.

Trees play a key role in our ecosystems, and cutting them has devastating effects. Deforestation not only affects our flora and fauna, it affects humans alike.

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